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The Increasing Popularity of Stainless Steel Jewellery

Do you want to know what the new silver is when it comes to jewellery? Stainless steel! This may surprise you but stainless steel jewellery is rising in popularity and there are designs to be found that you will not believe are made from stainless steel; in fact, your friends may mistake your stainless steel bracelet, ring or earrings for silver or even platinum!

One of the reasons that stainless steel is becoming so popular is because its far more affordable then precious metals such as silver or gold but it doesn’t compromise on beauty. Wonders of modern technology mean that stainless steel can be polished so it shines just like a precious metal; it can even be dyed so you are not limited to just a silver colour.

Another advantage that stainless steel has over other metals used for making jewellery is that it will never tarnish, often silver has to be cleaned because it becomes dirty over time due to the fact that it comes into contact with air or water. Stainless steel jewellery is also very durable, won’t scratch quite so easily as silver or gold and will last much longer.

If you are someone that has to steer clear of gold or silver jewellery because you are allergic to it; your days of wishing you had a unique and quality jewellery collection are over. Stainless steel is hypo allergenic and won’t cause any nasty rashes or other reactions that you might suffer from when wearing your jewellery.

If you are looking for the perfect gift for a friend or loved one, simply search for stainless steel jewellery and you will find designs that are easy on the eye but will also stand out from the crowd. You can buy all types of stainless steel jewellery, from rings, bracelets, necklaces and much more. This type of jewellery is available for both men and women.

Bridal Jewellery – Why Pearls are still the Choice of Jewel for Brides

Getting married is one the most important days of any bride’s life. Everything has to be perfect down the very last detail. The one thing that any bride will want to get right is her dress for the big day. It’s not only the dress but the accessories that complete the whole look of her wedding day. When it comes to choosing jewellery, pearls are the most popular choice today. In fact, pearl jewellery has been a popular choice for bridal jewellery for many thousands of years.

The lustre that pearls offer has been admired all over the world in many different cultures and is considered to be a symbol of ever lasting love. In ancient times in Greece, pearls where revered as a jewel that was sacred and the Greeks regarded them as a symbol of love; every single guest at a wedding in Greece would wear pearl jewellery and they were often given as gifts to the bride.

Pearls do come in many different colours but the most popular choice for brides is white; the reason for this is obvious, they are going down the aisle dressed in white. When choosing the right pearl jewellery to go with a wedding dress, you will need to take into account the style of your dress. For example, you may have a plunging neck line, in which case a delicate strand of pearls lightly adorning your neck will look beautiful and will finish off the overall look of the wedding dress.

Many brides will have pearls sewn into their veils to add a touch of class or select a pair of earrings and a bracelet to match the necklace. Pearls do not have to be limited to the bride, you can have your bridesmaids where matching earrings and necklaces to go with their dresses and you can even purchase pearl cufflinks for the groom.

As said, pearl jewellery has been the favoured jewel of choice for brides around the world for many centuries and is not set to go out of fashion anytime soon.